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Hidden Hollow Student Discipline Plan


We care deeply about each student at Hidden Hollow.  It is our goal to encourage each child’s growth of character.  We feel the best way to do this is by expecting appropriate behavior and having natural consequences for inappropriate behavior.  A safe, orderly climate creates a friendly, effective school.

The faculty and staff believe students and teachers have the right and
responsibility to learn and teach in a non-disruptive atmosphere.

We also believe in being proactive in this process, which includes using positive reinforcement, rewards, consequences and remediation.

Examples of good behavior that ought to be recognized (but not limited to):

  • Consistent Attendance
  • Being on time to school and class
  • Completing and submitting work when it is due
  • Good citizenship
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Quality performance on assignments, projects and tests
  • Improvement in any of these areas that have been a challenge for a student previously

Examples of ways to provide recognition and reinforcement:

  • Points
  • Awards/Rewards
  • Class titles and jobs
  • Positive notes to the student
  • Calls home; notes home
  • On special occasions, referral to the principal for recognition
  • Monthly assemblies

Examples of negative behavior that need to have consequences (but not limited to)

  • Disrespect to teacher/employee – including sexual harassment
  • Disrespect to other students – including sexual harassment
  • Disrespect to property – school, teacher or student
  • Failure to comply with school/classroom rules and procedures
  • Excessive absences and/or tardies
  • Failure to complete and submit work
  • Severe offenses: fist-fighting, vandalism, continued defiance, theft, vulgar language/actions, excessive disruption (these issues are referred to administration).

Ways to address negative behaviors:

  • Student Conference
  • Call parents
  • Teacher, parent, student conference
  • Written apologies
  • Time out, i.e., “Stop and Think” in designated area of classroom, “Stop and Write”, “Stop and Leave”- go to another designated classroom
  • Loss of recess or other privileges
  • Referral to administration.

Administration will consider and use the following options:

  • Student Conference
  • Repeated offenses – call parents
  • Time Out
  • In-school suspension (ISS) – severe and/or continual misbehaviors
  • Out of school suspension (OSS) – severe and/or continual misbehaviors
  • Referral to law enforcement – most severe and legal issues
  • Referral to an Alpine School District expulsion hearing – most severe and legal issues