Hidden Hollow in 2019 - 2020.

Working to make sure each student shines with the best educational opportunity.


Student Wellness: Our Goal

Read about our focus on overall student wellness.


Move your feet. Grow your mind.

Learn more about Hidden Hollow's Ballroom Program and how it can help your child.


Student Health Insurance

Providing coverage for the unexpected. Click here for more info in ENGLISH. Tambien en Español.


Everyday Strong - October 2 at 7 pm

We invite each of you to the district wide evening with Matt Swenson. Together with the United Way, he created the Everyday Strong program. This event will be held on October 2nd at 7:00 pm at Skyridge High School . MORE INFORMATION HERE...


Utah Parent Center and You...

Communication assists students in getting the most from school. Learn more at the Utah Parent Center's September meeting, free to al Utah parents.


Where safety counts

Thanks for keeping our parking areas safe for children. See our new movie, HIDDEN HOLLOW SAFE LOT 2019 on YouTube.


HH Houses for a new year...

Enjoy friendship. Experience social and emotional learning across many grades. See our HOUSE VIDEO INTRODUCTION for 2019.


SCC. We want you on our team!

Parents, we have TWO vacancies on our School Community Council. If you are interested in being on this important council, please contact Mr. Conley by Friday, September 20th. The School Community Council meets 4-6 times each year to discuss how to use funds to support areas of academic need. Meetings last between 30-60 minutes. Educators and parents come together to form our council and help our Professional Learning Community to address those needs. If only two people apply, they will be appointed on September 30th at our first SCC meeting this year. If several apply, then elections will take place, September 23-30th.


Student Handbook

For best results, please read the STUDENT HANDBOOK for 2019 - 2020.


7447 N. Hidden  Valley Parkway, Eagle Mountain, UT, 84005 (Map it) | Front Office 801-610-8721 | Fax 801-789-7806 |  Schedule

Information and Events

Parking Lot Safety Information and Procedures

For information about the North Parking Lot, click here.

For information regarding our parking lot procedures, click here.

For information about the South Parking Lot, click here.

School and District Information
  • For the SAGE Assessment Results for Hidden Hollow, click here.
  • For Skyward Login Instructions, click here.
  • For Computer Web Page, click here.
  • For information about the School Discipline Plan, click here.
  • For information about the Hidden Hollow Rules and School Policies, click here.
  • For Standards Based Report Card Information, click here.
  • For an Informational Video About the Standards Based Report Cards, click here.
  • Elementary Ballroom – For more info & to register visit www.hiddenhollowballroom.com
    Competitions, Performances, & Fun!
Registration Information

You will need to fill out the New Student Registration Packet found on this website by selecting the button below or find the link under “Information” at the top of this page. We can also give you the packet at the school.

Registration Information

Preschool Registration Information

For specific information about registering for Preschool, click here.

Donate to Hidden Hollow Elementary

Parents are always welcome to donate either to the school, grade level, or individual teacher through the Alpine School District Foundation.  This may be done by clicking on the “Donate” button below or by going to the ASD Foundation’s website to download a form. Your donations are tax deductible and provide additional resources for our school.

Early Out Monday Schedule

Grades 1-6
  • A Track 8:00 – 1:15
  • B Track 9:15 – 2:30
  • AM 8:00 – 10:45; 11:20 – 1:15
  • PM 9:15 – 12:00; 12:35 – 2:30

No Pre-School on Mondays

Tuesday – Friday Schedule

Grades 1-6
  • A Track 8:00-2:15
  • B Track 9:15-3:30
  • AM 8:00 – 10:45; 11:20 – 2:15
  • PM 9:15 – 12:00; 12:35 – 3:30
  • AM 9:00 – 11:45
  • PM 12:30 – 3:15

Lunch Schedule

Remember students have recess before they go to lunch

  • 1st Grade 10:50 – 11:30
  • 2nd Grade 11:00 – 11:40
  • 3rd Grade 11:15 – 11:55
  • 4th Grade 11:25 – 12:05
  • 5th Grade 11:35 – 12:15
  • 6th Grade 11:45 – 12:25