Hidden Hollow in 2022 - 2023

Welcome to Hidden Hollow. Our mission is "Educating tomorrow's leaders, one child at a time." Our vision is "Learn! Grow! Lead!" We wish all a great summer and look forward to starting the new year on August 17 for grades 1 to 6.


Safe Arrivals & Departures

A new crosswalk makes coming and going to Hidden Hollow easier. Find out how our new crossing system works.


Development, Not Drugs

Alpine School District supports the learning of children without the pain and distraction of harmful substances. Learn more details in Policy 5430. Also see the attached update in our Student Handbook.


Service Club 2022

A group of Hidden Hollow fifth-graders wants to see a better world, completing one deed of service at a time. Learn more about this organization and how you can help.


Register new students online

Paper-free is a reality. Parents may enroll students online. CLICK HERE TO START.


New Schedule. New Arrival Plan

Coming to a large school like Hidden Hollow? Following THIS PLAN will make coming to school easier.


Reach for the sky, Hornets!

Read our Stakeholder's Report for 2021-2022 to see how Hidden Hollow supports our Eagle Mountain community.


Safe Walking Routes

Getting to and from school safely is the goal for every child. Check out our planned routes for keeping students safe.


Student Handbook for Success

For best results, please read the STUDENT HANDBOOK for 2022 - 2023.


7447 N. Hidden  Valley Parkway, Eagle Mountain, UT, 84005 (Map it) | Front Office 801-610-8721 | Fax 801-789-7806 |  Schedule

Information and Events

Parking Lot Safety Information and Procedures

For information about the North Parking Lot, click here.

For information regarding our parking lot procedures, click here.

For information about the South Parking Lot, click here.

School and District Information
  • School begins August 17. Students attend from 9:15-3:30
  • TSSA Funds Information
  • For the RISE Assessment Results for Hidden Hollow, click here.
  • For Skyward Login Instructions, click here.
  • For Safe Walking Routes to and from Hidden Hollow, click here.
  • For information about the School Discipline Plan, click here.
  • For information about the Hidden Hollow Rules and School Policies, click here.
  • For Standards Based Report Card Information, click here.
  • For an Informational Video About the Standards Based Report Cards, click here.
  • Elementary Ballroom – For more info & to register visit www.hiddenhollowballroom.com
    Competitions, Performances, & Fun!
Registration Information

Registration for new students is now done completely online.  

Registration Information


Grades 1-6
  • 9:15 – 3:30
  • AM Kindergarten 9:15  – 12:00
  • PM Kindergarten 12:45 – 3:30

No Pre-School on Mondays

Lunch Schedule

Remember students have lunch before they go to recess.

  • 6th grade 11:00-11:35
  • 1st grade 11:10-11:45
  • 2nd grade 11:20-11:55
  • 4th grade 11:30-12:05
  • 3rd grade 11:40-12:15
  • 5th grade 11:50-12:25
  • OEK Lunch and recess 12:00 – 12:40