Hidden Hollow and Eagle Mountain Community:

Hidden Hollow Families:

In just 27 student school days we will conclude the 2021-2022 school year. We will bid farewell to our sixth graders and some families who will move to other communities. A few staff members will move on as well. New students, families and staff members will join us for the 2022-2023 school year.

But we still have much to do in these last few weeks. This is the season for end-of-year testing assessments. All students whose families have not opted out, will be assessed between now and mid-May at Hidden Hollow Elementary School, Alpine School District and across the state of Utah. We do this so we see how our students have learned this year and also to see how we have taught them. This information is for us to review so that we can more fully address learning needs as educators and parents.
We ask that you as parents ensure that you continue doing what you already do to ensure that your children are prepared to learn and test. These include:
1) Have your child(ren) get a good night’s rest each evening.
2) Ensure he/she eats a nutritious breakfast to start each day.
3) Encourage your child(ren) to concentrate and do his/her best.
4) Have them continue to read each night & perhaps review with them math facts at their respective grade levels.
5) Remind your child that he/she is smart and talented and can be successful.
These five simple reminders, along with what our teachers and aides will do to remediate, encourage and monitor learning will help your child to optimize the learning outcomes that we seek to understand.
During the final week of the school year, we will celebrate with various activities, recognitions and farewells. Teachers will then spend some time preparing and developing plans for next school year, but will also rejuvenate themselves with some lighter time. Together, I hope that we will have a safe, healthy Spring and Summer.
Thank you parents, step-parents and families for your support and helping to make this school year a terrific time of learning, fun and memories. I want to also thank our Hidden Hollow Team for their hard work, dedication and care for 1100 plus students…..the most wonderful children in Utah.
Remember to READ with your child this summer.
Principal Conley

Hidden Hollow Administration