Dear Hidden Hollow families:

With the hope that we will soon exit this pandemic, our thoughts turn to things other than masks and vaccines.   Little by little, we are seeing people pursuing pasttimes  that they may have postponed for a season.   This could involve cycling some of Eagle Mountain’s famous trails, learning a new ballroom dance, or even playing a game of basketball.   With March Madness on the horizon, I pondered an important quote by a basketball great:

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

Kevin Durant claims that this saying has caused him to reflect on his play and work on the weaker parts of his game.   This attitude of tirelessly devoting effort to growth has propelled him to two NBA Championships and many other athletic milestones.

Even though not all of us intend to go on to basketball glory, we can all bring that same attitude to whatever we want to accomplish.   When each of us realizes that our life is a work in progress, we can accurately assess our strengths and weaknesses and work to improve.

This year, our main goals are that every student enjoy a safe experience at school and also that children grow in their reading and writing abilities.   This focus will help to provide a lasting foundation for continued learning throughout life.   Building this foundation is a team effort that involves parents, teachers, aides, and volunteers.   When parents emphasize the importance of reading and writing, students find relevance and application to the skills taught here at school.

Thank you for your efforts to make sure your kids are prepared for school days and times beyond the classroom by reading with your children regularly.    Working as a team, we will build a solid foundation to weather any storm, earthquake, or pandemic.   At Hidden Hollow, our mission is Educating tomorrow’s leaders one child at a time.    Thanks for being a part of our team!

Hidden Hollow Administration