I was thinking about “Numbers” for this newsletter. Numbers! They drive many needs at Hidden Hollow Elementary School. In every classroom, pre-K through sixth grade, numbers in some form or another are taught in daily math lessons. Reading, writing and math are the preeminent subjects that elementary students are taught each day. Literacy and numeracy foundations are vital in order to ensure that students are prepared to become productive citizens in our country.
Here are a few numbers to consider:
1100, 926, 58, 25, 20, 103, 15, 1
1100. That is the number of students enrolled at Hidden Hollow Elementary after the first week of September. We stay between 1100 and 1107 students. That is a lot of children for any school, elementary or secondary. One of Utah’s great talents is giving schools a lot of students. Four of the largest elementary schools in Alpine School District are right here in Eagle Mountain. Hidden Hollow is in the top 3-4 elementary schools as far as student population and we suspect that we will continue to grow.
926. That is about how many students we move through our lunchroom between 11:00-12:20 each day. I dare any of us to find a restaurant in Utah that serves that many patrons in just over an hour, 178 times a year. That’s a miracle, in my book.
58. That is how many certified teachers, coaches, administrators and counselors we have at Hidden Hollow ES. That breaks down to 21.6 children per certified educator. That is a large family for each adult, even by Utah standards. You know what? Every one of these people joined the HHES PTA just in the last two weeks. We invite you as parents to join PTA, too.
25. We have 25 aides who assist the teachers, coaches and students at our school. This allows us to place students into smaller groups in classrooms so that we can better address the learning needs of our students. Finding this many folks to assist us in an economy where we find nearly 12 million jobs left unfilled in our country is remarkable.
20. This represents the other support personnel at our school. These are secretaries, custodians, librarian, nurse, specialized therapists, para professionals and lunch ladies. We could not open our school each day without these important people.
103. Add 58, 25 and 20 together and we have 103 folks serving 1100 children at our large school. That is a good size company.
15. Not a big number. But it represents a challenge I want to extend to each family in the Hidden Hollow Elementary School-Community. I ask that parents read with their children for just 15 minutes each week night. I promise that it will be one of the greatest investments you will ever make in your family. Give it a whirl. You will love it. So will your children. I know that I enjoy reading with students each Friday. It is the highlight of my week, along with eating lunch with other students each Friday, too.
1. This is the most important number of all. This represents the individual. The individual child who walks through our doors. The individual employee who gets up early to travel to Hidden Hollow to serve our students, your children. It represents the thing we must never lose focus on: the relationship between the adult and child. Nothing is more important at school or in the home.
Numbers! We never stop using them. Just like we never stop reading. Put them together each day at school, and at home, and establish solid foundations for life. I submit that as we do and build upon them we can and will prepare our next generation of citizens to strengthen our communities and country.
I think we can agree that our country is at the precipice. We have some challenges ahead of us. Either we will meet them head on and solve them and become stronger, or we will be overcome by them. What we do in our homes and schools will tell the tale. My hope is that we will overcome the challenges and become even greater as a community in Eagle Mountain and as a nation, what we call the UNITED States of America.
I conclude by simply offering gratitude to our team, to our patrons and to our CHILDREN for coming together to ensure safety, starting and ending in the parking lots, and throughout the entire school day and ensuring that students learn and work toward a successful future.
Principal Conley & The Hidden Hollow Team