Hidden Hollow Elementary School Community:


What a great time of year as we enjoy the Autumn and holidays ahead. I hope that as families we celebrate the good things in life and in each other.
Recently Direct Communications donated $500 to our school. I am appreciative of their generosity. That caused me to reflect for a bit. I am also grateful for the many good things that happen at Hidden Hollow Elementary School and in our community each day.
I always enjoy walking through the school, looking into classrooms and spending time with students in the lunchroom and outside. I especially like standing on the curb before or after school and watching parents pull in and out as they drop off and pick up their children, our students. It is fun to greet students in the morning and see their smiles.
I am so proud of our teachers and staff. We truly have a tremendous group of folks at HHES. They serve and care about the students and each other. I think we have wonderful families in Eagle Mountain. I know that we have marvelous parents as I look at how our students just shine.
At each faculty meeting we have a new tradition, wherein, a staff member is picked for the good work he or she does. That person receives an ice cream scooper. This person then gets to dip out ice cream for the members of her team. Certainly the person is recognized, but then so is the team. The teacher is successful in part because of the team.
We also now recognize a “House” as part of Monday Values Assembly each month. Students help determine which House is the best at that assembly. Then the members of that House get ice cream with the principal. The House is only successful because of everybody in it.
I suppose that what I am trying to illustrate is that whether it is in a “House,” a team, or a class, we are successful because of what a group does. I believe that this is the same in our families. Together, mother, father (step-parent), brothers and sisters, a family all help each other. The family grows and moves forward together. That is how it is at Hidden Hollow, too. We are a school family.
During one duty at the curb, I saw and heard a father, exclaim enthusiastically to his daughter, “You are beautiful. I love you and have a good day.” I smiled at him and gave him a “thumbs-up”. What a way for his daughter to begin her school day. Validated, loved, and reassured.
May each of us work together as families and with our school as partners. As we do this, a great synergy is possible. We will soar academically and emotionally. In essence, isn’t this what we want for our children and each other, to grow, be successful and safe! It is about fostering relationships after all?
Thank you, Hidden Hollow Elementary School Community, for being a splendid place to live, serve, grow and make a difference. Enjoy this season and be safe.
Remember: Read with your CHILD!
Principal Conley