• At HHES, personnel finished making contacts with every single family. (Except for four who had disconnected numbers.)
  • HHES has also been distributing library books so kids have more choices to read.
  • More than 150 computers have been distributed to families to assist children with on-line learning.
  • Teachers have been meeting together to plan lessons on site or through technology.
  • Hundreds and hundreds of meals have been distributed to many families in the HHES EM community.
  • A check-in system has been established so that administration and faculty can stay in contact and make sure folks are well.
  • On going communication has been almost daily through our web page and links directly to each family.
  • HHES Counseling has been providing programs and supports to students and families.
  • IEP’s for special needs’ students have still been conducted with HHES Teams. So have other parent-teacher conferences through technology.
  • Pull through kindergarten registration along with technology will accommodate many this week.
  • Grants have been submitted to continue funding literacy, via SCC, and arts programs, via BTS, at HHES.
  • We are getting another modular to help with our growing numbers. It will be ready to use in August. Big Thanks to our district leaders.
  • We learned that we will have a full-time K-2nd grade reading specialist next year to help with early childhood literacy.
  • New schedules have been developed by a committee to more efficiently use learning time, resources and make things more equitable.
  • Many participated in the PTA Spirit Week and pictures were shared.
  • Our coaches has been training teachers and working with teachers as needed with teaching on-line.
So……things are still rolling at Hidden Hollow ES after two weeks as we educate our students, while also preparing for the 2020-21 school year. Your HHES Team has been working hard, just in a few different ways.
Go Hornets! Hidden Hollow is Flying toward EXCELLENCE & SUCCESS! Thanks to our entire team of teachers, staff, parents and of course, our STUDENTS!
Principal Conley