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Welcome to another school year. We are very excited to be working with your children  and look forward to success with all students. Please allow me to review some important information as we begin the year:

  • PRIORITY 1 is SAFETY.   Being a large school with many students, our first priority is that students enjoy physical safety.   This is particularly a challenge when students arrive at and depart school.   While many students come by bus, the majority of students either come on foot, bicycle or scooter, or by car.
  • We ask that every parent carefully drive SLOWLY through our lots.   We utilize both our north lot (near the main entrance) and south lot (near the kindergarten playground) to make sure that this can be done in an orderly manner.  OUR GOAL IS NO ACCIDENTS OR INJURIES.   We may often ask you to move forward; this is to facilitate the flow of traffic during busy times.  Our crossing guards are ready to help kids reach their walking or riding destinations.
  • In situations in which kids ride to school in a car, we encourage carpooling.  It reduces the overcrowding of pick-up & drop-off areas.  It saves fuel and time for parents.
  • Should you need to park, please use a parking space in our lots.  Parking in a drop-off zone causes serious problems for other patrons.

Hidden Hollow’s PTA is a parent organization that helps with many functions at our school i.e., volunteering, fundraising,  supporting school events.  We would encourage all parents to get involved with the PTA. You may contact the PTA at 

Please feel free to contact us with your concerns.

Thank you,

John Truesdell