Hidden Hollow and Eagle Mountain Community:

I typically have our assistant principal send out information by way of “links” directly into your homes or by posting it on our web page. But, throughout the year I also share my own messages with families. Today I want to send a dual message and a brief reminder.

First, the brief reminder:

As the weather gets cooler we anticipate that more parents will transport their children to and from school. How do we cut down on traffic? One word….CARPOOL. Please carpool so that we cut down on traffic and excessive spillover out into the main streets. This will save time and cause more smiles. Please drive safely.

My faculty and I have noticed increased usage of inhospitable dialogue among students. Some of it has grown to threatening and dangerous rhetoric. Few things cause more distress than having one of our children come home after school and share that somebody has threatened him/her.

On Thursday, November 3rd, 2021, I directed every teacher, coach and administrator to begin the instructional day with classroom conversations about using kind language and adhering to the ole’ Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. On Friday, November 4th, 2021, the conversation will continue among the faculty, with followup about the conversations with the students.

Two things are going to continue and come from this:

1) More conversations among the faculty and with students.
2) A request to our patrons.

Request to our patrons:

I ask that parents have a conversation with their children about the importance of respectful communication, both by giving it and expecting it from others. Then I ask and hope that regular conversations continue in each home.

One only needs to watch the news and learn how the national discourse has deteriorated into name calling, blaming and threatening others. This has affected every community in our country. As children see this happening among adults, they in turn often copy it. After all, if the “big people” do it, then it must be ok.

Together as partners, parents and educators, we can help our children at Hidden Hollow Elementary School to do better than what we see on the news, hear in music, see on television and in the movies. I invite all of us to have conversations with our children at dinner, on Family Night or at a suitable time in each home. Let’s talk about the importance of positive, honest conversations at home, at school and in our neighborhoods. Let’s elevate the dialogue and make it more positive, friendlier and kinder.

I believe that here in Eagle Mountain and at Hidden Hollow Elementary School we are smarter and better than what we see happening across our nation. Let’s help our children to be the leaders that I know they can be.

Finally, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and other important celebrations just ahead, may I invite all of us to consider the spirit that comes at this time of year that we should keep with us throughout the entire year. It is a time of giving, sharing, serving and focusing on families and friends. This is a season that causes us to pause and consider how fortunate we are as Americans and to be able to live in a community that is safe and full of great neighbors.

Still, among us are those who struggle, who may not be in the best of health, who may have a family member who is confronted with challenges, who may not have what they need or may just be overwhelmed with the hectic nature of life in the 21st century. Can each of us simply reach out to somebody near us who could use a kind hand, a fresh smile, a reassuring word, a meal, or other acts of kindness? As we do this, I promise that hope will be given, hearts will be touched and our school and community will be elevated and become stronger and will thrive.

In the final analysis, my friends, what is most important in life is the development and nurturing of relationships. This heals wounds. This makes us all better and blessed as families and as a community.

I extend my very best wishes to each member of our school community and express my appreciation for the chance I get to be part of Hidden Hollow Elementary School and our beautiful Eagle Mountain community. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and good cheer to each of you.

Principal Conley